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2011  Des Townson Memorial Regatta

Hosted by Lindsay & Rita Graves


Venue: Hamilton Lake


Held on: 12th November 2011

Hope you enjoyed Saturday, racing and evening as much as we enjoyed putting on this great event for you.


Congratulations    Bunny Nicholson   “V”  

winning the “Des Townson Memorial Trophy”


Lack of wind on Saturday morning unfortunately cut down the number of races we could get in


Rita Graves






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Final Results


1.. Bunny Nicholson

                      Net points 17


2.. Lindsay Graves

                      Net points 24


3.. Mark Smith

                      Net points 26


4.. Don Lidgard

                      Net points 32


5.. Gavin Mc

                      Net points 38


Full Fleet Racing


1.. Mark Smith


2.. Don Lidgard


3.. Lindsay Graves

Photos courtesy of Ian Kohler