The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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Hosted by Bunny Nicholson and the Onepoto Electron Group


Venue: Onepoto Domain, North Shore, Auckland


Held on: 28th March 2015


And incorporating Lady of the Lake Team Trophy

The Electron Owners Association wishes to thank Bunny and the Onepoto guys, Ray Nixon, and Bernie Nixon, Lynn Harris and Judy Salthouse for the results.


We also thnak both Lynn and John Rountree for their input of photos.


I particularly want to thank

Judy Salthouse, for her forgoing her sailing in the Regatta, to help in the administration.



Thank You Heaps Ladies



We also congratulate the Onepoto Team for winning the Lady of the Lake Team challangeTrophy


Greg Paul


Secretary / Treasurer





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Handicap Results


For the Onepoto Trophy


1.. Lindsay Graves

                   Net points 98.0


2.. Graham Barker

                   Net points 98.8


3.. Peter Jarvie

                   Net points 98.9


Line Honours


For the Jim Lidgard

        Memorial Trophy


1.. Lindsay Graves

                      Net points 5


2.. Ray Nixon

                      Net points 13


3.. Bunny Nicholson

                      Net points 14


Lady of the Lake


1.. Onepoto Group - 17


2.. Orakei YC - 18


3.. Watchman Island YC -         26


4.. BBYC - 31

incorporating the

Jim Lidgard Memorial Trophy

2015 Onepoto Regatta

Photos - Thank you to all who contributed

Lady of the Lake