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2017 Electron Worlds Rarotonga

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The Rarotonga Sailing Club has again put their hand

up to hold the 2017 Electron Worlds


While June this year is still sometime off, the dates have been specified in the Notice of Event, below, to enable all interested in attending, to start plans, flights and accommodation.


It goes with out saying, the event will be fun, the hospitality excellent.


Notice of Race and Entry Form will be available shortly, in the meantime, you can contact Peter Heays for further information and indicate your interest


Peter Heays - Raro 00682 55289 or email  [email protected]


Notice of Event


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Along with the ELECTRON WORLDS there are other sailing experiences

on the idilic Muri Lagoon

And if you do not enjoy, the Rarotongan hospitality  . . . You're are not Trying . . .