The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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Hosted by Rarotonga Sailing Club


Venue: Muri Lagoon, Rarotonga


Held on: June 2017


And incorporating Fleet Racing, Match Racing & Ocean Race

The Electron Owners Association 


On behalf of the competitors I would like to thank the Rarotonga Saiing Club, for their hospitality and terrific running of the 2017 Electron "Worlds" event.


In particular, but not exclusively, Peter Heays. To John in the dinghy, and often, not in the dinghy, to Fran for his contnuous entertainment, and Commodore Carl for his support of our little boat Event.


(Carl, You said you were going to buy one of these Electons, we can help with that).


And to Tony Heays for organising accomodation for many of us, and hosting the neat Prize Giving evening.


I appogise if I have missed anyone, I was having too good of a trip . .


Thank You all Heaps


I must also thank Gray Clapham, "Clappo", for his coverage of the event in the "Cook Island News", including his terrific efforts, out to his waist in the water to get the photos.


Greg Paul



Secretary / Treasurer





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Fleet Racing


1..  Lindsay Graves


2.. Greg Stenbeck


3.. Tony Heays



Match Racing


1.. Greg Stenbeck


2.. Steve Parker



Ocean Race


1..  John Rountree


2..  Lindsay Graves

Muri Lagoon, Rarotonga

2017 Electron "Worlds"