The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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Hosted by Rarotonga Sailing C;ub


Venue:  Muiri Lagoon


Held on: June 2019



The Electron Owners Association 


On behalf of the competitors I would like to thank the Rasrotonga Sailing Club, for their hospitality and terrific running of the "2019 Electron Worlds" event.


I would loke to thank Sue Townson for attending the event, and participating with the result taking with Jan Park.


Thanks to all that attended tp made it another terrific ELECTRON Event.


Greg Paul



Secretary / Treasurer





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Fleet Racing


1..  Greg Stenbeck


2..  Tony Heays


3..  Lindsday Graves





1.. Tony Heays


2.. Thoams Koteka


3.. John Faire



Match Racing


1.. Neville Paul


2.. Steve Parker



Ocean Series


1.. Greg Stebeck


2.. Tony Park


3.. Steve Parker



Aitutaki Lagoon


1.. Greg Stebeck


2.. Tony Park


3.. Tony Heays


2019 Electron Worlds Regatta

SORRY - This isn't my best photo display.  I was using a brand new Mobile phone, and the flash wasn't as good as I suspected.


IF ANYONE - has some photos of the racing or the prize giving, I would appreciate you send me some to add to this page.