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Buying an Electron

New Electrons are available from Greg Stenbeck.


Complete Boats


The complete Electron is supplied in a Transport Box, on a cradle, with spars, sails, radio control system with transmitter, plus sponge and batteries. Full assembly instruction and maintenance suggestions are included.


Once the spars and sails are assembled (required only once on receipt of the boat) it takes only a few minutes to assemble the boat ready for sailing.


A limited number of boats are available ex stock.


Otherwise, delivery times will be given by


Electron Colours


Click the link to download the full range of standard Nuplex gel coat colours. (Note: Colours are approximate and may vary from your computer screen. Contact Nuplex direct for a colour chart)

Colour Chart



Standard colours:  There are in excess of 20 standard colours as on the Nuplex Gel Coat colour chart. These colours are included in the "Complete Boat" Price.


(It is not possible to guarantee an exact match of colour).


Special Colours:  Special colours are available, subject to Nuplex being able to match the colour. As there is a restricted number of standard Gel Coat colours, it is not possible to match some colours in Gel Coat.


An extra charge will be incurred for special colours.




Radio frequencies :  Where possible Greg will assist you with frequency problems.


All New Boats are supplied with Futaba Digital Controllers, eliminating the problem of frequency clashes.  These Digital Controllers have been authorised by the EOA for use at Open Electron Regattas.


It is recommended that all move from the old Anologue Controllers, to the Digital Controllers, contact Greg Stenbeck for further information.


Contact Greg Stenbeck on:


[email protected]


Phone 021 985 830



The introductory music is from Mozarts Opera "Magic Flute" - Magic Flute 882 was a very successful 30 foot Townson designed Keeler, on which I started my keel boat sailing.


Greg Paul.