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Class Rules

The object of the Electron model is to provide competition where variation in boat performance is reduced to a minimum. Success is to depend on the ability of the skipper to tune and sail the boat ex-factory.


1. The hull and it's equipment are to remain as supplied by the builder.

Exceptions: An alternative battery pack may be used consisting of 5 x 1.2v AA Nicad cells located in the normal position.


2. The Rig

The sails, spars and rigging as supplied from 1/7/89 will not be modified in any way other than by the following adjustments.

Mainsail and headsail sheet lengths can be altered by turning the discs on the sail control arm.

Mainsail and headsail leech tensions can be altered by the boom vang and / or toplift.

The length of the hook at the head of the headsail can be varied.

The mast bend may be altered. The two booms are not to be varied.

Rigs prior to 1/7/89 may be used provided they are as supplied, with two exceptions

Those headsails which have had the leech roach removed by the biulder are acceptable.

The toplift system on the 1/7/89 rig can be fitted to earlier rigs. These rigs will not be renewable.

Non-standard swivel systems, loose-footed headsails and adjustable jib pivot positions are not permitted.


3. Boats will sail at all times with all supplied sailing gear and no additional ballast is permitted.


4. The weight for a boat in racing trim is 5.0 kgs. Boats underweight will be returned to the builder for correction. Weight correction by other than the builder is not acceptable.


5. There is no limit on the number of rigs but one rig only can be used on any one day.


6. A sail number will be allocated, supplied and fitted port side of the mainsail and starboard side of the headsail by the builder.


7. Should the owners be undecided on the legality of any hull, rig or fitting, a binding decision can be given by the builder.

About the Electron

The Electron Owners Association supports the One Design concept of Des Townson, and will work to continue those ideals.


Any changes to the above will be presented by the EOA to the Owners Representative, for consideration, before being acceptable at any EOA regatta.