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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Electrons cost more than some other radio controlled yachts?

It's the same reason that a top of the range hand crafted golf club or racing bike costs far more than an off the shelf item. You are purchasing a model which is hand crafted and built to exact tolerances, with superior performance.


Do they cost a lot to run.

Electrons are a strict one design class which means no additional money needs to be spent on rigs and hulls to keep competitive. All you need is a set of fresh batteries.


Are Electrons easy to sail?

Yes, they use a two channel radio control. They take only a few minutes to rig and launch ,as there is no fiddly rigging or set up. Someone with no experience can sail with one simple lesson.


What wind strengths can they operate in?

An Electron will sail in the tiniest puff right up to storm force winds.


How much does an Electron cost to operate?

The controller takes 8 x AA size batteries. The receiver and servos in the boat take 4 x AA size batteries. The controller batteries last longer than the boat batteries. Battery life depends on battery type but quality batteries should last many hours before replacement. 4 to 5 hours are often achieved. Rechargable batteries can be used. There are no other costs involved.


How many sets of sails do I need?

Only one set of sails is required. Sails, even with frequent use will last many many years. Some owners use a set of older sails in strong winds to preserve their new set but there is virtually no performance difference.


Do I need to understand yachting rules before I go racing?

If you are unsure of yacht racing rules you can find a link to our Rules section or pick up a copy of the International Yacht Racing Rules. Fellow Electron sailors will also help you pick up some of the finer points if you ask (or infringe them).


My radio frequency clashes with other yachts. What can I do?

First thing to try is to remove the crystals from the transmitter (TX) and reciever (RX) and swap them over. If you still clash, find out the frequencies that everyone has and then purchase a new set of crystals from your local radio control model shop making sure you have a unique frequency to your fellow sailors.


Will swapping my TX and RX crystals over affect them or affect the performance of my boat?

No, in fact if two boats have the same crystal, if one boat reverses their crystals, i.e. put the crystal from the controller into the boat and vice versa, both boats will be able to operate.


When I turn the power on in my boat, the rudder and sail boom start to twitch?

Are you in the City, close to mobile phone towers. This seems to be low level interference from the many mobile phone towers. Once you turn on your controller, that signal will over ride the other messages and you will get contol of your boat.


Standing to close to another boat when their boat is turned on but their controller is not, can also make your controller appear to control the other boat. Move away from both boats, and turn the controller on for the other boat, and you should not have a problem.










If you have any questions that are not answered here, either contact a club member or send us an e-mail.

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