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Greg Stenbeck


Electron Licensee

Sailing is in Greg's Blood, with Greg Stenbeck's Grand father, being one of the youngest skippers in New Zealand, captaining ships around the Pacific and the entire Coast of New Zealand.


What is more, Des as a teenager, was forward hand for Greg S's Dad.


Born in the Bay of Islands, Greg spent most of his youth playing in and sailing boats, before journeying to the Big Smoke, and getting involved in the Auckland Keel Boat scene.


Greg S successfully campiagned a super quick Laurie Davidson 780 in Australia.

Greg's love of sailing / racing only intensified, when he found the Des Townson designed and built, ELECTRON radio controlled yacht, some 18 years ago.


Since then Greg S has been a major contributor to the Electron scene, from being the vice commodore of the Watchman Island Yacht Club, to setting up the Sailing Group at the Orakei Basin, close to where he lives.  Greg S was the founding member and Commodore of the Orakei Yacht Club, always being there to organise sailing, set courses, and help all members with boat set up and repairs.


On the death of Des Townson, Greg S was convinced to head the set up of the EOA (Electron Owners Association), to protect the One Design concept of the Electron in the same way that Des had wished.


I can not think of another person more appropriate to take on the construction and maintenance/support of the Electron.


Greg S is proud to have taken on the construction, under Licence, of the ELECTRON radio controlled yacht, from Bruce Tantrum.

Greg Stenbeck


Proud licencee, to build the Electron . . .


To Des's high standards



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