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Racing Rules

These may vary in local fleets or at competitions.


Check before competing


1. Opposite Tacks: The Port Tack boat gives way to the starboard Tack Boat.


2. Same Tack: The Windward boat gives way to the Leeward boat.


3. Avoiding Collision: The Right-of-Way boat should call at all times.


4. Start: Any boat over the line at the start will return behind the line without interfering with any other boat - otherwise Rule 7 will also apply.


5. Marks:


a) At the windward mark opposite tack rule applies. At the leeward mark the inside boat must establish an overlap (i.e. risk of collision) four boat lengths before the mark before calling for buoy room.


b) If a boat misses a mark it will re-round that mark without interfering with any other boat - otherwise Rule 7 will also apply.


c) There is no penalty for boats touching marks.


6. Obstructions: If a boat is in danger of hitting the bank or is in any other potential collision situation, it must be allowed to tack away after calling for "Water Please".


7. Penalties: Any boat that infringes a racing rule will carry out a 360 degree turn A.S.A.P. without interfering with any other boat.

About the Electron

Race Rules

The above Racing Rules are as set down by Des Townson


The ISAF rules have changed since then, however, it is considered that they are still consistent with Des's rules, that the EOA has confirmed them as the Electron race rules.


The main exception that has been accepted is the two boat length rule around any mark is now consistent with the ISAF and is now for Electrons, 4 boat lengths.


Note: All clubs are able to change local rules for their club or a particular regatta.