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Results Archive 2013 Regattas

2013 Des Townson Memorial Regatta


Held on 9th November 2013


Venue: Tauranga Lkaes


Host: Lindsay and Rita Graves of BBYC . . . and CRC


Line Honors


1.   Lindsay Graves

2.   Ray Nixon

3.   Greg Stenbeck

4.   Greg Paul

5.   Bob Sarney


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2013 Onepoto Open Regatta


Held on 11th May 2013


Venue: Onepoto Domain Pond


Host: Electron Owners Association with the help of many others


Handicap - ONEPOTO CUP


1.  Ross Morton

2.  Dan Leahy

3.  Greg Paul




1.  Lindsay Graves

2.  Greg Paul

3.  Greg Stenbeck


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The EOA also wishes to Thank all those that helped to put this Onepoto Regatta together.

2013 173rd Auckland Anniversary Regatta


Held on 28th January 2013


Venue:  Marine Industry Association Pontoon - Westhaven


Host: Ray Nixon  PRO and Bernie Nixon - Starts and Results


1.  Greg Paul - Orakei Yacht Club

2.  Bob Sarney - Bucklands Beach YC

3.  Colin Hickman - Onepoto Yacht Club


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All competitors wish to thank Bernie  Nixon for again supporting us Electron sailors with running the regatta, the starts and the processing of  the results.